The old ‘About Me’ page… My chance to convince you that I fit the ‘designer’ bill.  That I have unique and sellable design talent, without resorting to wearing jumpers styled from recycled hessian sacks, or eating organic turnips for lunch everyday.

The truth is that school was all about Art and Sport for me. I dreamt of becoming a professional netballer, and one day playing for England. However, once I discovered how little money they earn and how tight and uncomfortable their uniforms are, a career in design suddenly was much more appealing (even with the eye strain).

And what a ride it’s been so far!

Supporting my Bachelor of Design degree (majoring in Visual Communication), and having recently completed an Art Direction Principles course (AdSchool, 2011), I have over eight years of design experience and am truly passionate about the industry. I understand the importance of strong concepts, design that is functional and original, and an accurate brand message that is effectively conveyed to the right target audience.

I enjoy working with a variety of media, especially print, web and social media. Dedicated to developing only the highest calibre of work with my individual approach to design, I look forward to contributing to the marketing and art objectives of my clients.

And that’s just the ‘designer’ Kim.

I also love good coffee, artsy magazines, stationery, paper, travel, Formula 1, English Premier League football
and good-quality food.

Anyway, if you would like to learn more about myself, my work, or my lack of hessian sack styled jumpers please feel free to contact me.